Will Tesla be the first with true Level 5 autonomous driving, and did you watch their autonomy day presentation?

Riot Games TeeCee
May 7 14 Comments

Curious if their talk changed any perceptions



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  • Google ovBk62
    Let them figure out basic L4 first. Their tech is pretty horrible right now compared to waymo or even Cruise
    May 7 11
    • Tableau / Eng

      Tableau Eng

      Idk training data is very valuable
      May 7
    • Google ovBk62
      Not necessarily, Tableau. Quality of training data matters too. Waymo and Cruise cars collect significantly higher amount and quality of data per car than Tesla vehicles. Waymo also runs billions of miles in simulation on it's data centers and it's own test city. They also demoed working in snow, handling complex cases like hand signals etc many years back, and have had self driving vehicles with L4 on road for quite some time now. Tesla is doing now what waymo was doing maybe 5-6 years back.
      May 7
    • Apple i*
      And yet there is no car in production except Tesla, I think tesla might win this fight my friend
      May 7
    • Google ovBk62
      Except that Tesla isn't in production with L4 autonomy. Tesla is a great electric vehicle. It's not even close to being the leader in autonomous vehicle tech. Check out California disengagement report.
      May 7
    • Apple donaldrump
      @ovBk62, my understanding is using vision for path planning is much harder. Using lidar gives you that information with less work but is not scalable. Disengagements is a meaningless metric unless you are feature complete which autopilot is not.
      May 17
  • Amazon vdcb40
    We are several years away from L4 being on the road. L5 isn’t even being seriously attempted
    May 7 1
    • Zendesk showmethe
      Waymo has L4. Tesla will never make it to L5 based on its current plans.
      May 7