Will employers view me negatively if I don't have a job after graduation?

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I graduated this may without an offer. Part of it was that I was a headass during college so I had nothing to show for it. I was also extremely busy during senior year (working 20 hours a week + school) and I fucked up recruiting. I've improved my resume/skillset a lot since last year and have done a lot of lc (300+) to prepare better for this recruiting cycle.

I'm planning on going to my school career fair soon but I've been really anxious since my school is a target school and losers like me without a job after graduation are the minority...

Should I be worried about how my graduation date looks? Should I be vague and change the end date on my resume to "2019" instead of "may 2019" even if its a bit disingenuous? I've been having super bad anxiety recently... almost want to skip the career fair but I know I shouldnt miss it...


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  • Intel isvw
    Just frame it as if you made a conscious decision to post-pone your job search. You can say you wanted a few months to decompress, travel, spend time with family, etc.
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  • Uber / Eng BobbyB.
    You're fine just LC more and interview and get that job
    Aug 30 0
  • VMware / Product

    VMware Product

    If you feel like anxiety is holding you back from performing well at career fairs and/or interviews, speak your doctor to see if s/he can prescribe something in the short-term till you’re over the hump. Goes without saying that you have to be responsible with some of these anxiolytics since they have high abuse potential. Good luck!
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  • Microsoft iiieeegemm
    Just go find a job and don't worry about things you can't control. Most probably won't even ask
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  • New


    Microsoft, Google
    Yes, you should be worried. No you should not be vague, it is what it is. Leetcode harder
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  • Adobe / Eng CmndrKeen
    What is a "headass"?
    Aug 30 3
    • AT&T asd456
      It’s when your head is more of an ass kinda like when your brain is supposed to be putting out good thoughts it puts out shit ... my personal interpretation

      But as for OP, I am not worried. Like everyone else said Leetcode, get someone to refer you and you’ll be set. There are so many companies, yeah it’s prob not the most efficient to graduate without a job but I def would not be worried as long as you work hard.
      Aug 30
    • Adobe / Eng CmndrKeen
      Aug 30
    • Microsoft / Product

      Microsoft Product

      Bain & Company
      Aug 30
  • Amazon fish@
    Depends on mentality which depends on the country..
    Aug 30 2
    • OP
      im in the US
      Aug 30
    • Amazon fish@
      Then it's not an issue
      Aug 30


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