Will experience as manager in F/G help you to get funding?

Microsoft ajdijnjd
Jul 5 4 Comments

Considering if I should accept F/G offer (as first-line SDM) and work like a dog for a few years, or use my spare time now to work on a side business.



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  • Google lGlb76
    Not really, unless the product team at FANG will be directly relevant to what you want to do. Better to work on your idea if you are really aiming to be an entrepreneur. FANG is no longer the differentiator that it once was for funding.
    VCs want to fund the people who grew companies big, not help keep companies stay big.
    Jul 5 0
  • Finding connections to VC or folks who could seed fund you are likely more useful than being a manager at F/G. Building something that people use and demonstrating that fast growth would become explosive with $ is the easiest path to funding. Also, the IP clauses at many of these companies are pretty side businesses unfriendly, so YMMV.
    Jul 5 0
  • IBM xlajduf
    A nice good looking girl from hbs that will speak on ur behalf will get u the most funding
    Jul 5 0
  • Facebook Qvht82
    I don’t think that experience as a manager at either of the companies will help you get funding. What can help is persistence with your attempts to get funding and a working product that would interest some investors.
    Jul 6 0