Will facebook last ?

New eQjn37
Jan 29 19 Comments

What’s facebooks competitive advantage or largest revenue streams I can’t see them lasting too much longer next 5-10 years. Still just the facebook platform and WhatsApp, instagram? Do they have other moonshots I don’t know about or other large revenue streams ?


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  • Microsoft sammkau
    Jan 29 1
  • OneMarket ri0ts
    They own the largest communication platform in the history of the planet. They are not going anywhere. Smart enough to crush or buy competition (think Instagram and WhatsApp).

    There are going to be specialized platforms to serve particular needs like nextdoor, blind, slack etc. It's a matter of time before Facebook buys 1 or 2 of those.

    Bottomline - dont bet against the beast.
    Jan 29 0
  • Amazon / Eng
    Question back to you. What alternative social networks will take over Facebook's market share. You understand they have around 3 billion users right. Amazon has 300 million.
    Jan 29 4
    • Northrop Grumman / Eng HowCouldYu
      Shut up
      Jan 29
    • Amazon / Eng
      Did little timmy forget his nap?
      Jan 29
    • Inkling Systems bayareagg1
      Does a social network need to have x number of users to be successful? I think smaller communities with much meaningful connections will come up example discord
      Jan 30
    • Amazon / Eng
      Yes it does financially. If discord can make 10 dollars off 50 million users a year and FB can make 10 dollars off 3 bill, we are looking at different scales of success.
      Jan 30
  • Amazon / Project

    Amazon Project

    Facebook Consumer Hardware - Oculus Rift, Oculus Go, Oculus Quest, and Portal by Facebook. I believe this is just the beginning.
    Jan 29 2
    • Google dafuqistiz
      Hype. Like 3D TVs. Not gonna fly for at least another decade.
      Jan 29
    • Amazon okvfbg
      All of these products have little to zero market share. The portal hasn’t hardly sold any units
      Jan 29
  • Amazon BeffJizzos
    Social media is the future dude. Facebook is thriving. Digital reality social media is next.
    Jan 29 0
  • Medallia / Eng

    Medallia Eng

    Salesforce, Medallia
    Daenerys Stormborn of the House Targaryen, First of Her Name, the Unburnt, Khaleesi of the Great Grass Sea, Breaker of 🔗. Also engineer in spare time.
    One word. Instagram.
    Jan 29 0
  • Intel Sjkopgg
    Advertisers have to find some way to blow their money and report back on useless metrics.
    Jan 29 1
  • Microsoft jdishvak
    They know more about each user than any one else including Google imo. That makes them the best advertising platform .
    Jan 29 0
  • Apple h4krBell3
    Nobody cares about FB, but everyone cares about Instagram and Whatsapp. Once they can monetize those two properly, the stock will be in growth mode again.
    Jan 29 0
  • Microsoft TuHi
    They are just too much in the news. If they manage to stay out of news, then all will be good.
    Jan 29 0
  • New monomo
    Not as a social network. But it manifested itself into mobile and other platforms which will help it survive and thrive
    Jan 29 0