Will you still join Uber at this time?

Amazon doctorE
May 13 13 Comments

If you are under h1b transfer section now, will you still join Uber? Is there any downside for stopping a h1b transfer in middle(or just not go after your transfer finish?)


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  • Microsoft / Mgmt Dunph
    Depends if their offers are based on number of shares or base in today's value
    May 13 9
    • Amazon qwertyup
      @Dubph is right, it depends on the numbers. Ideally, the value would be as low as possible at the time of the offer, so you get more shares. You only want the value high at the time of selling.
      That means the value being down is a good thing before the offer.
      May 13
    • Amazon doctorE
      Unfortunately, when I accepted the offer, it is given by units
      May 13
    • Lending Club flycolors
      Are you planning to renegotiate?
      May 13
    • Amazon doctorE
      @flycolors Can you still renegotiate at this time?
      May 13
    • Uber domin8
      ldld9, I'm not using amazon as reason. I'm talking to a guy from Amazon.
      May 13
  • Salesforce lololl
    Yes, lot of upside
    May 13 1
    • Amazon mUwn3e
      Idk looks like a ton of downside from the stocks and business
      May 13
  • Facebook N00bbie
    Only depending on the offer. Their stock is definitely going to come down. So, you might have to expect more number of stocks at the current price.
    May 13 0