Wish vs Salesforce as an intern

Amazon topdog322
Jun 20 4 Comments

Wish will be working on cooler things and I feel like since its a smaller company I can make more of an impact. Work is in data and includes a lot of ML/data engineering.

TC and full time at Salesforce seems a lot better. Also there internship offer will leave me with about $8k extra after the 4 months. Will be working on making the salesforce version of datadog.

I am currently working at Amazon.


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TOP 4 Comments
  • Salesforce furelise
    Salesforce. They view the internship as a long interview.
    Jun 20 0
  • Google uzaname
    For internship, I would go for a brand that opens more doors later. Slight edge to Salesforce
    Jun 20 1
    • Salesforce peaceguy
      Zillow vs Salesforce, which one has a better brand ?
      I am confused between the two
      Nov 26
  • Tektronix BazzokaGrl
    If your more excited about Wish go there.
    Jun 20 0


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