Without a car in Sunnyvale?

New WUTw63
Dec 6

I will be moving to Sunnyvale on Monday and I was wonder how hard it is to live in Sunnyvale without a car?


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  • LinkedIn
    Same as living on Mars
    Dec 60
  • LinkedIn 🍿❤️
    Uber will be your best friend
    Dec 60
  • Oracle GG_Warrior
    Depends on lot of factors. I lived there without car for one year, wasnt too bad and it came with some cons. Some considerations:
    1) how often you go to work(if you go 5 days, buying car might come out cheaper)
    2) how far is the office ? Flexible timings ? Prime time could get really expensive
    3) do you like to go camping ? To the beaches etc. if yes, you SHOULD get a car
    4) how far are some stores from your place. I had safeway, groceries and many other stores 10mins walk, but it was still a pain in the ass as no one really stops for you to cross the street unless its red traffic signal
    5) going to SF not so bad as you can take caltrain and avoid annoying issues like parking, break-ins etc. sometimes uber pool express to SF would be just $28 which I consider a sweet deal and 0 effort
    Dec 60
  • Tibco software / Eng!qwerty!
    Scoop and Uber commuter benefits. You will be perfectly fine. Plus save $1000 by not having a car
    Dec 60
  • Google / MgmtLovedoo
    It’s tough. You need a car. VTA and buses are inadequate. You’ll feel the pinch within 3 months.
    Dec 60
  • Apple / Eng


    Strong and built like an Ox
    If you are staying in Sunnyvale much of the time you can walk or bike. For far distance outside of the region Uber is sufficient.
    Dec 60
  • Tesla / Mgmt


    Tesla Motors
    Lived without one for over a year not that hard with Uber pool around. Hopefully work is nearby
    Dec 60
  • Facebook MCSW23
    Dec 60
  • Facebook


    I just signed a lease for a Sunnyvale apt and my thought while driving around today was “damn I’m glad I have a car.”
    Dec 60
  • Juniper scandeep
    Doesn’t Google offer loaner Toyota Priuses or clean air vehicles? Grab a Google bike and bike around.
    Dec 60
  • R u Indian
    Dec 60
  • New WUTw63
    I’m going to be working at the Sunnyvale Google office.
    Dec 60
  • EA / Engthinkalot
    get a bike at least
    Dec 60
  • Google / Engjf8s3b
    easy if you never leave your home
    impossible otherwise
    Dec 60
  • New WUTw63
    Dec 60
  • Intuit pckk24
    You need a car. Good luck.
    Dec 60

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