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US Air Force hardAF
Mar 22 16 Comments

Can someone talk with me about work life balance? I am an Air Force guy, been active for 3 years now. And I’m looking at getting out in the next 2 years for more money and I don’t want to leave my location.

For those that have worked both gov and private sector can you tell me about the differences in expectations and work life balance?

San Antonio, Oracle, rack space, DOD, government, USAA.


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  • / Eng
    WLB Eng

    Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Netflix, Google
    Software Engineer and former phd candidate in biophysics
    salute to our veterans first. wlb always leads to high chance of layoff. and you won't get pension from any tech company. so stay with air force or other government agency.
    Mar 22 1
    • US Air Force hardAF
      Thanks for the salute, and yes, I invest heavily to negate needing a pension... gov work is not my cup of tea
      Mar 23
  • Amazon hot 🍞
    There's a lot to unpack here, and I don't want to waste my time, so let me know if you'd like me to expand on anything:

    It sounds like you're young and have never seriously considered a career. Google "wait but why, choosing a career" and read it. Slowly.

    Second, ask yourself why you want to pursue money. Speaking from experience, money won't make you happy if you don't have the time to spend it - see miserable lawyers.

    Third, why don't you want to move? If you have career aspirations, you'll probably have to move, like most people in FANG.
    Mar 22 0
  • Microsoft unclesatya
    Do you have your TS SCI?
    Mar 22 7
    • Oracle / Sales

      Oracle Sales

      Get paid more based on demand/supply.
      Mar 22
    • US Air Force hardAF
      I do, and will be using that as leverage, but what companies are here in San Antonio.
      Mar 23
    • Microsoft unclesatya
      In San Antonio you have HEB, SwRI, USAA. You will never make a tech salary if you stay in San Antonio.
      Mar 23
    • Microsoft unclesatya
      Send me a DM
      Mar 23
    • Oracle usr2k1
      Hypothetical question, if someone is from tech states like CA or WA and has TCO of like 350k, what kind of annual savings it can be when you have a 4 bedroom home on mortgage etc.
      Mar 24
  • Acelity ovl40
    That’s such a loaded question. What career area?
    Apr 22 1
    • US Air Force hardAF
      Research analyst similar to a quant
      Apr 22
  • Salesforce Sadforce
    You'll get decent WLB at companies raking in hefty revenues and profits, with some exceptions: Amazon and Facebook

    I don't know about Apple. Salesforce, Vmware, Google all have very sustainable WLBs from what I know and hear. Any early or pre IPO startup is going to be a boiler room level of WLB
    Mar 22 1
    • Facebook public2
      Fb isn't an exception, Amazon yes*
      Mar 22
  • Oracle studydown
    Depends on what your job was while active. As I'm sure you're aware, not all government sector job are created equal, especially military
    Mar 22 0


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