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Amazon qqdd
Feb 28 4 Comments

Folk at FB/Google or any tech company, what is your experience like working at Non HQ office such as Seattle?
Is there a significant limitation to project selections, visibility, decision making etc that you feel slow down your growth or promotions?

What about the good part that working in those satellite office offers compare to HQ?


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  • Google zFsy57
    Google satellite offices tend to be nicer (more comfortable) than HQ (better food...). Your experience will be largely role and team dependent.

    People who are going for L6 (staff) and above need to worry about the lack of leadership at the satellite office. But L3s, L4s and L5s generally don't need to worry about this.

    The other thing to consider not where the bulk of your team is located. If your team's leadership sits in the same office was you that will make a big difference. That is, working for a remote team that largely based in HQ vs working for a remote team that mostly remote
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    • Amazon qqdd
      Thanks for taking the time to write a good reply! A lesson I leant from this is that pick the team where majority of people is in that satellite location.
      Feb 28
  • Facebook / Eng

    Facebook Eng

    I get paid 15% more (net) for the same work. No croissants for breakfast. It is a wash.
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  • Facebook hphpd
    Expect late or early meetings to accommodate MPK
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