Work environment at Verizon Media

Symantec / Eng IzVO64
Aug 28 19 Comments

How is the environment at Verizon Media? Is it a stable ship with a bright future or are there constant layoffs?


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  • New vQvj15
    bunch of clowns, avoid
    Aug 28 2
    • Oath huli
      Aug 29
    • Symantec / Eng IzVO64
      Worse than the mess we had to face at Symantec?
      Aug 29
  • Yahoo / Mgmt 57297393
    Generally you can expect decent TC and WLB.

    But a lot of the projects have no future and some tech stacks are bad and/or ancient (we are getting rid of them, but it takes a long time). I’d say the biggest risk is getting stuck on one of those (I think that is what causes attrition). Your experience will be very team dependent — some of the teams are very talented and work on cool stuff.
    Aug 29 2
    • Symantec / Eng IzVO64
      Thanks for the nice input. I am exploring opportunities in the East Coast office. It seems they’re expanding here.
      Aug 29
    • Oath mytcsucks
      Try Finance in east coast, as in, not corp finance. Their engineers are pretty good
      Sep 6
  • Yahoo / Product oopsy
    Sports has a good team and culture. Finance as well.
    Aug 31 0
  • Oath IC10
    Has Yahoo ever been stable? We got rid of their good engineers to cut costs and now look at what we have left
    Aug 28 0
  • Yahoo gKXi43
    Someone in between the two
    Aug 28 0
  • Oath OPnd70
    Don’t expect career growth, it’s a place to take nap time and vest.
    Aug 29 2
  • Oath LxSY42
    The attrition rate is high enough that they haven't actually been doing the constant layoffs that they planned on.
    Aug 28 1
    • Oath OPnd70
      Just when they’re about to lay someone off, they leave
      Aug 29
  • Oath / Eng nopeidont
    In a word? Toxic.
    Aug 29 0
  • Yahoo PjEk00
    Advertising is doing well, it’s a profitable business. Decent WLB and great culture. Make your choices based on what you are looking for the most.
    Aug 28 0
  • Verizon Media uYBl23
    Honestly it depends on what team you’re on. But I would say overall morale isn’t great.
    Sep 4 0
  • Verizon Media Ejhg15
    Toxic. Upper management is a revolving door. Leadership can't express goals clearly, and changes goals faster than the company can execute. Compensation isn't competitive, benefits have tons of strings attached. Management doesn't understand that less work gets done when people leave. Avoid.
    Sep 19 1
    • Yahoo / Eng AiLb55
      It’s rare for upper management to be fantastic at any large company though. The best you can ask for is a cult of personality (Marissa here, Elon, Jobs, etc). I don’t disagree w/your points just think it’s par for the course...

      Comp is competitive in most locations. Won’t be the top of market.

      Benefits are fine. Lots of freebies like transit subsidy, free bike credits, 50% off wireless service for family, free food, baristas, big 6% 401k match. Health insurance ok but the insurance company kind of sucks.

      No idea what “strings” are attached besides working.
      Sep 27


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