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New / Eng shankzz
May 8 9 Comments

Hi guys,

Quick question(s) -

1. If you get promoted internally within the same company( Network Engineer to Network Engineer 2), does your work ex from previous role get counted for the GC application for EB-2 category?
2. Can you count your internship work experience from the same company (different job title)?
3. If the ans is no for both the qs :(, how does one write the requirement for GC Job description? MS degree with coursework from university?

YOE: 2
Location: Rochester, NY!

Thanks in advance. :)


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  • Oracle / Mgmt aiabc
    Not from the same company ... the letters from previous employers and job requirements are only looked upon for previous employments and not what you get from your current employer
    May 8 1
  • Oracle pzd
    Experience at current company doesn't count towards job requirement for PERM, regardless of the promotion.
    May 8 1
  • New / Eng shankzz
    Thank you guys! So, what do I add in the JD for GC perm as this is the only company I have worked for? The lawyers have just asked me and my manager to write the JD. I’m on H1b currently!
    May 8 2
    • Oracle pzd
      Technically, you are not supposed to be involved in the process. Your manager should know how to write it. But with no formal experience, I'd lean on credentials like degrees, past training, relevant research work, open source contribution to relevant project, language and technology specific experience that you acquired through your coursework and so on.
      May 8
    • Oracle pzd
      Since you have a Master's degree, you probably have published research. Are those relevant for your work?
      May 8
  • Synopsys anon57
    If you have masters degree from US you are eligible for EB2, regardless of your experience.
    May 8 0
  • Amazon rniMni
    The answer is that the job you are offered needs to be considered at least 50% different than the job you have. If you can make a case that your current duties overlap less than 50% with your new duties then you can use the prior experience. You manager will be asked to describe how the roles are different enough that you experience can count.

    With a master's degree you should just get the new job to require "master's degree OR five years experience" it some such so that you don't need to demonstrate experience.
    May 8 0


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