Work for Amazon Alexa or Prime Video? / Data enghza
Apr 28 11 Comments

Looking at these teams in LA area. Anyone have opinion of these teams?
Amazonians, which would you rather work for?

Hearing bad things about Video on here but not as much on Alexa.
SDE, tc 110


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  • New qip
    When you find yourself choosing between two bad options, seek out a third.
    Apr 28 1
    • / Data enghza
      Point taken, haha
      Apr 28
  • Amazon


    Alexa. Run away from video.
    Apr 28 1
    • / Data enghza
      Apr 28
  • Alexa of course
    Apr 28 0
  • Amazon twitch.
    Which Alexa team is it in LA?
    Apr 28 0
  • Amazon Gjdyveycc4
    Video more respected and better perks. Alexa good WLB
    Apr 28 0
  • Redfin / Eng

    Redfin Eng

    Flipboard, Amazon
    Neither, hope you're ready for long on call nights and miserable misguided management.
    Apr 28 0
  • Amazon wassup!
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  • Amazon bandersnatch
    The Alexa teams I know of in LA are difficult to work in and not doing the most interesting work for Alexa overall. I don't know much about the work Video does in LA. They're both good businesses and you'll learn a lot either way.
    Apr 28 0
  • MobilityWare / Other

    MobilityWare Other

    Yahoo, Kareo, MobilityWare, Zynga
    It’s Alexa Mobile team, the team that works on the app. For instance there’s a specific team that just works on the “Settings” section on the app. It’s built on React Native if you want to know the tech.

    The scale the team has to deal with is pretty interesting and amazing, think of how much load they need to handle post holiday (prime day and Xmas) when everyone opens up their alexa devices and fire up the app for setup. A huge hit to all the AWS services they use (like dynamoDB).

    Alexa overall is growing pretty fast, although profitability still needs to be proven out (like how do devs really monetize this new format?).

    If you want to work on devices, Ring (also Amazon) is right next door. Although, apparently all the SM groups will relocate to new offices in Culver City later.
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