Workculture at Netflix

New wrpz85
Oct 26 10 Comments

How is it like to work at Netflix? Is it really that hard to survive there as reported in the media? Do people support each other and give some time to get upto speed or its purely cut throat culture? Is there any human side to working there ?


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    Netflix n chill
    Oct 26 2
  • Netflix bloodline
    Wlb is good, better than amazon and Facebook from what I’ve heard.

    Get up to speed depends on the expectations from your team. There isn’t a general rule. Teams might be weeks in other months.
    Oct 26 5
    • New lijkfj
      Really? What is your team? From what you hear here, Netflix engineers work 80 hours a week
      Oct 26
    • Netflix the.oa
      Depends on the breadth of tech stack you need to learn. Core platform teams is longer. Product teams is shorter.

      I’m in a core platform team and I work my ass off.
      Oct 26
    • New lzak
      Sorry, what is product team? What do they work on?
      Oct 26
    • Netflix bloodline
      I work on platform team and ~36-40 hrs per week
      Oct 26
    • Netflix bloodline
      Anyway I don’t know anyone that works 80 hrs a week
      Oct 26
  • Netflix vsudgd
    Worked for 4 years here. Wlb is good. I've worked on both platform and app based teams. I'd say things depend a lot on how good the manager is.
    Oct 28 0


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