Workday Offer for P4 - Comtemplating

Apple wQfS16
Sep 26 12 Comments

As P4 Senior Software Engineer, what salary brackets should I expect at workday for:
1. Base Salary
2. RSU for 4years
3. Joining bonus
Also, how does their annual bonus looks like?

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TOP 12 Comments
  • Workday / Other short4k
    Do not go to Workday! The company is not what it used to be. They say people are important but they treat them like crap. They are cutting budgets on a daily basis.
    Oct 1 1
    • Workday Whatday?
      Completely agreed! Check recent negative reviews on Glassdoor! Don't just believe your friends there or take the high best places to work ranking seriously!
      Oct 5
  • Workday / Eng SpagtiCode
    P3 here. You make higher TC after first year cause of good refreshers (performance based). My TC is 220k projected 1 year ahead. Comp is heavily dependent on stock so that it forces you to stick around the company. But this is not in SF but in Pleasanton where cost of living is relatively cheaper.
    Sep 26 0
  • Workday nextbig
    P4 offer earlier this year- 160k base, 170/4 years RSU, 10k joining.
    Sep 28 2
  • Google xxxxxxxxi
    Tc or gtfo
    Sep 26 0
  • Yahoo dkp_minus
    Was offered 180k base, 120k RSU/4 and 25k sign on for P3 in SF within the last year. Declined it as I was making more at my current job
    Sep 26 0
  • Workday sday
    There is no bonus. Only RSUs. Not sure about P4 swe comp. I am not there yet.
    Sep 26 1
    • Apple wQfS16
      Thanks for your contribution. This helps. Will be talking to HR next week and negotiate.
      Sep 26
  • New mvLu74
    Considering an offer from Workday. Can you guys clarify what the culture is like now? I was told employees can report any issues in a weekly company wide survey and those issues are taken very seriously by HR and acted upon. Do you see this happening in practice?
    Nov 28 0
  • Apple wQfS16
    Wow I’m so surprised with the amount of views in just 26min. But, I would really appreciate and be grateful if someone can give some suggestions or start a conversation. Thank you for considering 😊😊
    Sep 26 0


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