Workday P4 interview advice

GE / Eng MammaMla
May 21 5 Comments

Anything in particular I should look out for or keep in mind? I've got an interview next week, and really like the company culture - would like to ace this!


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TOP 5 Comments
  • Facebook d00ng3r
    What culture? Where no one is held accountable and mediocre people stay mediocre?
    May 21 3
    • Oracle pzd
      Oh the irony of Facebook talking about accountability 😂🤣
      May 22
    • Workday GhUD78
      He is totally right, though. This company is great for just showing up and collecting pay without consequences.
      May 22
    • Amazon / Eng TTAWSSSD
      How? Why would people say that about Workday? Also FB, plz just work on encrypting your data ........
      May 29
  • Evernote mehwhateva
    Are they still on GWT?
    May 21 0


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