Workday PM Interview Process took 4 months

Salesforce cLpd7
Feb 1 3 Comments

I interviewed at workday twice and the process was three months long.

It took them two months to schedule my phone call and then one month to schedule my onsite

Worst part is they kept me hanging until I had a competing offer.

In total - it took them 4 months to tell me NO, budget got reallocated

Is this how workday interview rolls ?


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  • Tableau ImTableau
    Yup, that’s very typical of workday. Pathetic recruiting & horrible experience overall. For me, they just kept delaying without any reason. By then I had an offer which I happily accepted. I got an invite for onsite almost after 4 months which I declined.
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  • Salesforce cLpd7
    PM role at workday !
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  • VMware layoffs
    Sorry to hear that. It’s even hard to get a call from them. Which position.
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