Workday Xpresso: is it for CS grads from top 10 CS schools ?

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Jul 21 4 Comments

How does a top University graduate feel about working with Xpresso ? How do CS grads from Berkeley, Stanford, Cornell etc feel about being an Xpresso based application developer @ Workday ?


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  • Bloomberg / Eng

    Bloomberg Eng

    Bloomberg LP
    Hell no, stay away from anything like this if you have a real degree ...
    Jul 21 0
  • Workday Rzix60
    There are bell curves at the top schools too. Surely there are SOME people graduating at the bottom of these classes.

    Xpresso is for them.
    Jul 21 1
    • Workday / Product tdf
      Jul 21
  • Workday YIopl
    We have many ivy league grads who join as xpresso dev and they do great. Most don't like Xpresso but it secondary to many for solving business problems. Grads who want to solve tech problems join Goolge or Facebook. Grads who want to solve customer centric business problems in HR, College Ed, Finance join Workday. There is a lot of interest in joining Student apps team because they can related to it. Colleges like Cornell run on Workday education management software so it is exciting to these grads. Xpresso next version is in works and it will be all code so that should get us more ivy league grads
    Jul 21 0


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