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Ford R5RhIw
Sep 5 6 Comments

What are your thoughts working at GM? Saw the average rating on glassdoor was pretty low -- wondering what are the biggest strenghts of working at GM -- and if you're aware which teams/or positions have it best!

Thanks in advance for the answers!


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  • General Motors jPph07
    8% 401k matching. $45 a month for health insurance for my family. $3k deductible I believe. $1500 in free HSA money to use.

    Tech and problems to solve is wide ranging. From boring and old to exciting and new. Dependent on where you land... Austin seems to have more fun projects.

    Cons-Big Corp. Many managers were from HP or other similar big Corp and brought along their pointy hair boss mentality. Slowly changing, cautiously optimistic.
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  • Capital One / Finance Rexxar
    CEO position has decent TC, I’d avoid janitorial services team as it tends to have lower TC.
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    • Workday / Product tdf
      Sep 5
  • General Motors rAIF33
    Been here six years and love it. Depends on your location. Milford Proving Grounds would be the best place to land IMO
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    • General Motors SCruise
      Also been here a tad over six years, also agree with this ^^. No longer work in Milford but it’s been an incredible ride. If you like to have fun, go into VMEC controls/ calibration. Travel, possibility of driving vehicles home, and just overall fun and large impact on the customer
      Sep 5
  • General Motors ABwQ20
    1 month vacation + holidays
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