Working at HPi?

Dell XsjF70
Jun 27 8 Comments

What’s the compensation and culture like at HP? Do you enjoy it?


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  • Rally Health FuPayMe$$$
    It’s a turd tier company paying shit tier tc. I wouldn’t go there unless I am broke.
    Jun 27 0
  • It greatly depends on at what level your being hired in at, and how long are you willing to wait to advance your career.

    If you are being hired into one of the main offices, than you have good culture, decent pay (as long as you have experience), and at least some good people.

    If you going in a field tech position, even lead or manager, they get yanked around and changed up all the time. Most techs I know have had a new manager every year, sometimes two.

    No matter what the position is if you work hard and do well for 3 years, you will either move up in the company, or have a really strong resume that you can use to go get the pay you want somewhere else.
    Jun 27 0
  • HP LKcb07
    Compensation - depends on how much you can negotiate; not at par with bay area salaries.
    Culture - fantastic. High visibility and high impact work. Very smart yet grounded people.
    Jun 27 0
  • HP


    R/GA, Cisco, Sapient Razorfish, VeriSign
    Pay is 100% market dependent so depends on location. Some places it is competitive, but in others definitely not. Zero upside on stock, even if you invest in ESPP it’s flat so no upside there. RSUs and bonuses are level dependent and definitely can be great the further up you are, but for a normal IC it won’t feel great.

    That culture comment someone made is way off. Right now things are a cluster, I’m hesitant to even hire people as I’m not sure I want to put them in a bad spot. Politics are pervasive.
    Jul 23 1
    • HP / IT SphF25
      There will be lot of desperate people who would accept positions at 10% or below market value for various reasons. And that is what HP believes in, as they would rather not or could not compete to pay top bucks to highly qualified employees.
      Jul 23
  • HP / Legal jeo
    Pay is under market average; vacation is pretty low; benefits are pretty bad except 401k match (100% match on first 4%); stock purchase discount is laughable 5%. Resume builder, but you won’t move up. Get the 2 YoE, then hop. People you work with can be pleasant. Internal politics aren’t great. Negotiate as hard as you can on starting salary up front, because you’ll never get more than a few % yearly. Bonuses are generally crap, so don’t count on that. They give out barely any RSUs. There’s a lot of hangers-on that make it impossible to move up. It isn’t much of a resume line builder anymore. Sooo... yeah, it’s not great, but there are worse places.
    Jul 4 0
  • HP / IT SphF25
    TC and yoe?
    Jun 27 0
  • HP QdOg30
    It's shite
    Jun 27 0