Working at Uber is awesome

Uber saAP8D
Jun 5 96 Comments

YOE 1 TC 220

I'd like to take a minute to vouch for my employer who is most of the time bashed on for one reason or another.

Note this post is based on experience of a new grad.

1. Comp
We are a pay for performance company. Though our base may be average (115k for new grads), our bonus is 45% of base if you meet expectations. It goes up a lot higher if you're great. Our initial stock is alright too (150k over 4 years).

2. Work life balance
People say culture was bad a few years ago, but it must have improved a lot since then since I'm comfortable here. Hours are reasonable yet everyone I know is productive. Haven't encountered any snakes.

3. Technical problems
Obviously this depends on team and your preferences, but I've been happy with my projects as they have been visible, fun, breakthrough computer science problems.

A company can't be all good. The food, albeit free, sucks. The recruiters are liars (I joined thinking I'd be a millionaire a year after IPO, it's gonna take me twice as long LOL) but they're liars at every company.

But all in all, now's a great time to join Uber. Hmu!


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  • Uber bobaboi
    All the Uber rejects in this thread are so salty lol
    Jun 6 34
    • Uber bobaboi
      Yup i haven’t seen any Indian guys at the protest so he wasn’t there LOL
      Jun 7
    • Oracle bassprosho
      "Probably have written more code that you would be even using to write code at Uber."

      Trying to understand this, means u wrote more code than the codebase of like IntelliJ?
      Jun 7
    • Google verysundar
      Lol. Don't you search on Google while writing code? Ohh and BTW Uber uses Google cloud as well. So some contributions there as well.
      Jun 7
    • Oracle pointeduho
      U a stack overflow celeb or something
      Jun 7
    • Uber bobaboi
      LOL 😂😂😂
      Jun 7
  • Juniper / Eng sixpack
    “Culture has improved so much in the past few years.” And, also YOE 1.
    Jun 5 5
    • Amazon ariel88
      Also wanting to be a millionaire in an year of joining Uber
      Jun 6
    • Uber saAP8D
      Culture must have improved because what I see is a lot better than. what ppl described it was like a few years ago
      Jun 6
    • Uber saAP8D
      @ariel88 to quote my mom, "1 million is nothing these days"
      Jun 6
    • Amazon ariel88
      May be not to you (and your mom) but for other common people like us, it still is.
      Jun 6
    • Amazon citaoff
      I wish I had rich parents...
      Jun 6
  • Google verysundar
    Bonus - 45% of base? You mean only the cash part is around 60k. That looks like a lie.
    Jun 6 20
    • New / Eng

      New Eng

      Parsons Corporation
      Can't tell if OP is joking or really not getting it.
      Jun 6
    • Google dyvfyxdv
      Uber recruiters tried to convince me this was how it worked too.
      Jun 6
    • @verysundar, you seem very salty. I work at Uber and have worked at Google in the past, in a pretty influential position. I can tell you that salaries at Uber for similar levels at Google is higher. About your 3 times rejecting Uber, any person in his sane mind won't reject an offer which makes financial sense from a company which has the potential to be a tech giant, so likely you had average interviews which you might have felt great in. BTW i see a lot of ex-Googlers doing just OKAY in our interviews.
      Jun 6
    • Google verysundar
      Lol. Company which has potential to be a tech giant? Lol. That stock price hasn't moved an inch for last 4 years now. Uber's growth rate is lesser/equal to all of the FAAMG with one tenth the revenue. Can you explain why?

      Exactly salaries at Uber are higher because how else do you attract people to a loss making company whose future heavily relies on ability to raise capital.
      Jun 6
    • Microsoft huh1
      What would be the comp for a director level at Uber? Like L66 at MS.
      Jun 6
  • Facebook shubidubi
    Blind is testing sponsered posts now.
    Jun 6 0
  • Unity thugelmo
    Cocaine is one hell of a drug
    Jun 6 0
  • Google


    I once served 5TB
    You have nothing to compare this experience to.
    Jun 6 1
  • Square K6iivb
    Buck Fuber.
    Jun 6 3
  • Facebook shubidubi
    Your boss doesn't know who you are, no need to lie here.
    Jun 6 0
  • Google FGtp85
    Jun 6 2
  • Dropbox elv
    "Breakthrough computer science problems"
    "Haven't encountered any snakes"
    "We are pay for performance company"

    So cringey. Just delete this OP and never look back.
    Jun 6 0
  • Google yellowshit
    Tell this to your mommy / daddy to get an atta boy or atta girl. Don't Tell it to us as we all have a friend who works at Uber with whom we smoke weed or get drunk together. You should hear what an Uber employee says when you get him drunk. That's the truthiest of truths you'll ever hear. Drunken man is an honest man
    Jun 6 1
    • Google, Amazon, LinkedIn employees says the same things too.
      - Source (Myself working in those companies and smoking with colleagues)
      Jun 6
  • Amazon Cation
    Current TC? Is it still 220K?
    Sep 3 2
  • Facebook dgoV07
    How about now OP? How's the stock hitting 52-week low on a daily basis working out for you?
    Sep 3 1
    • Microsoft orki
      OP is sinking in kool aid
      Sep 3
  • Okta doll$h
    YoE: 1 year. Already wants to be a millionaire when joining uber. What’s wrong with new grads these days
    Jun 6 1
    • I don’t think OP was serious when making that statement. The stock price would need to way way more than double for that $1M to happen for OP.

      And there’s no way Uber recruiters were throwing around numbers higher than $100/share. (AFAIK.)
      Jun 6
  • Glassdoor dave7
    What an embarrasing post
    Jun 6 0
  • Google / Eng dontneed
    Some Uber recruiter got this great idea of advertising how great Uber is on Blind 😁
    Jun 6 0
  • Uber lordsh
    I am sorry, OP seems to be misinformed on several fronts. LOL on millionaire and 45% bonus part. He is setting himself up for disappointment
    Jun 6 0
  • Uber kasrows
    Sounds like a recruiter tbh
    Jun 6 1
    • Facebook shubidubi
      I would expect a recruiter to be more aware of TC
      Jun 6
  • Uber lol Blind
    Yea... wish it wasn’t a froshie making this post. Glad you’re happy my dude, but everybody is happy at their first big job.
    Jun 6 0
  • SAP RrWs73
    How about wear and tear on your car?
    Jun 6 0


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