Working at Unity as a PM?

Amazon UuNH70
Jun 20 7 Comments

Any PMs from unity care to share their experience? What’s it like working there? How is culture etc? (Location is SF)

Other unity employees feel free to chime in!


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  • Unity fab69
    Please do yourself a favor and stay away. Terrible pay, culture, and the CEO is getting sued right now for sexual harassment
    Jun 20 2
    • Unity isyuiggyhb
      Counterpoint: I am a PM at unity and like working here
      Jun 21
    • Unity escrow
      What’s your TC breakdown? Base + options and yoe
      Jun 21
  • Unity thugelmo
    Which office
    Jun 20 1
  • Unity / Creative

    Unity Creative

    Most of the people who work here are very nice. You'll have a great time. You'll meet and work with a bunch of talented folks everyday. Your career and compnsation, however? Not as great.

    If you're truly passionate about helping big game studios make big $$$ out of people with addictive personalities, and you have no other option, then Unity is the place for you. Otherwise, go with any other SF tech company.
    Jun 21 0
  • Amazon / Product

    Amazon Product

    At least the office is cool!
    Jun 20 0