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Verizon Data

Brillio, Infosys
Jun 14 8 Comments

I am an international student working (F-1 visa)on contract with Verizon via third party(Brillio).
Is it a good idea to keep on working for Verizon on contract via third party or switch to a full time position?

Note: I will be getting a pay decrement in full time position but I feel more secured from Visa perspectives. Please suggest!


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  • Verizon gniU78
    If you are working as a full time employee, then the probability of getting RFEs in case your H1B filing gets picked is low.
    Jun 14 0
  • How much would be the pay difference?
    Jun 14 2
  • Brillio Mfrv70
    I have worked in brillio for around 3+ years in projects where you have to be a consultant and I can tell you that FTE pay a lot more and plus more benefits than what brillio gives. I'm not sure how you are saying that contractor position you getting paid more.
    Oct 22 0
  • Fox News / Eng

    Fox News Eng

    15 YOE in Java, includes 8 YOE in Android.
    Full Time >>>>>>>>>>> Consulting.
    I had been a Consultant for 11 years. Not lucrative in any aspect. Leetcode and move FTE anywhere.
    Jun 14 0
  • Verizon truck
    Make sure if they can provide you H-1B.
    Jun 14 0
  • Verizon / Product SnoopDoge
    Certain orgs at Verizon do not offer sponsorship. Better have that conversation with your manager.
    Jun 14 0


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