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I am soon going to be transitioning to working remotely for my company. I currently am going to the office in denver every day, but i am moving my family back to minneapolis so they can have a better life with the rest of our family.

My company has agreed to let me work remotely. I am the only one that will be working remotely, but I don't forsee any issues as I am lead on my team and have never had any issues before when working from home on occasion.

I'm looking for any tips or input from people whom have worked remotely before or are currently remote. I've worked remotely short term before but not indefinitely like I will be.

My main focuses are going to be having a dedicated office in my new home and keeping my work and home life separate as much as possible.

Thanks in advance.


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    I've seen set ups where a remote engineer will always be connected to a TV or a computer, so you can "go up to them." Otherwise, you're going to get left out of all sorts of side conversations and struggle to stay integrated in the team
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  • Acxiom RickErwin
    A dedicated office room with windows will do it.

    It may be a little crazy during winters, so I definitely recommend to find social life atkesst after work... Something like taking any group classes at a gym or playing sports.

    I have been remote for over 8 year now. Before I had kids, it was driving me crazy, after kids it was a little busy life but I still get out everyday either to drive kids to classes or play racquetball atleast 2 or 3 times a week.

    On the day when you do not have many meetings, I do recommend to go work from a coffee shop. It helps instead of watching just the 4 walls.
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  • Intel Jopdi(78
    Make sure to shower at least weekly and get out of your pajamas by noon.
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    Intercontinental Hotels
    What non-tech jobs can be remote? I am currently in Procurement in Atlanta TC 125k
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