Workplace bullying

Sephora Bajw
Jan 10 25 Comments

Would you leave a job because of workplace bullying or would you stick it out?


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  • Microsoft Mrktwhspr
    Get proof. Report to hr.
    Jan 10 14
    • Guys won’t understand it. It’s something I’ll always remember -how much of a dickhead some investors are. The whole investor/female founder sexual harassment phenomenon is real. Most female founders just ignore these guys and pretend it never happened.

      Obviously most men aren’t this way. I’ve always felt supported by the men I’ve worked for. For that I consider myself lucky.
      Jan 10
    • Amazon what¿
      Smiley, That situation wasn't some guy at a bar, which would be an expected thing.
      An investor is a decision maker, and completely inappropriate. The other YC company founders we're being self interested, so they will help him, but the investor crossed a line and didn't take a hint and kept doing it.
      Jan 10
    • It’s not just he didn’t take a hint. It’s harassment. You can ask once, but beyond the first time, it’s harassment.

      He asked me repeatedly as I was walking away and followed me, asked again. I asked my co-founder to remain close by. If I didn’t have her, who knows if he would’ve tried something else.

      The YC company founders were 2 Japanese guys so I’m not surprised that they have low integrity and demeaning view toward women.
      Jan 10
    • Amazon what¿
      Yeah, I was trying to say it in a way that can allow for once in case of mutual reciprocated attraction, which was obviously not in this case.

      But the way you describe it, he is probably still lurking around the same YC circles investing, just trying to pick up women.
      Jan 11
    • You mean using women for sex? Yep. These guys probably will never change.
      Jan 11
  • I would leave. No need to be around people who drag you down
    Jan 10 2
    • Sephora Bajw
      In your exit interview are you allowed to NOT sign an NDA?
      Jan 10
    • Yes you’re not required to sign an NDA. Ask for $200k if they ask you to sign.
      Jan 10
  • New b37
    I stuck it out. It permanently destroyed my self esteem and I don't think I could ever apply anywhere else; I now genuinely believe that I'm as worthless as that boss said I was. Wish I'd never met him.
    Jan 10 0
  • Citibank bDGE50
    Find a new job. Working in toxic environment isn’t good.
    Jan 10 0
  • Google OpEarVoice
    Twice have had someone bully/harass me to the point where it was uncomfortable. Both times I was pissed off that my nice work environment was getting shat all over, and I didn’t want them to get away with it. Friends advised me to go to HR, but I felt like they were just repeating corporate policy or virtue signal BS. Did not want to feel like a victim who needs corporate HR to take care of my problems.

    In each case it escalated until I was pissed off enough that I ‘confronted’ the woman (bully) / guy (harasser) by simply being brutally honest and not holding back. Woman backed off a bit and working relationship became normal again. Guy was angry and tried to turn things around on me as if he could get me in trouble with HR (I had documented everything though). I was so pissed I didn’t give a shit abt my career/reputation and basically indicated I was crazed and ready to escalate 0 to 100. He backed off. Awkward to see them around the office and I try to avoid it, which kinda sucks, but I know I won and have the upper hand.

    In today’s world I know this seems a little crazy, and I am probably a bit crazy to be sure, but everyone I’ve seen go the victim/HR route has ended up way worse and probably vulnerable just like they were before. My burden of more awkward environment is comparatively small, and I never expected life to be fair anyway so whatever. I have TC.

    Also should mention I didn’t tell mutual coworkers about either incident or create unnecessary drama/gossip. Did not tell manager either. Do not like attention or the idea of being defined by such BS.
    Jan 11 0
  • Google SexyVirgin
    I was in a similar situation before. Demoted in a month, publicly insulted for doing my job, had to hear their racist conversations during team meetings, some people even made up stories about how bad I am at doing my job.

    It was painful, but I have been in the industry long enough to know my true worth, and that they are the real dumbasses.

    Eventually, I became a key engineer in the team. Everyone was dependent on me, even though some of them still disliked me. I LCed 4 months, left the company along with everyone else on the team. The whole product team was in chaos.

    Now I am at Google, and it is most amusing and soothing to see my previous company in such pathetic state from here.

    You should do the same. Besides sex, nothing feels better than watching your enemy burn.
    Jan 10 0
  • Verizon TheRealOJ
    I’d just tell on them during recess.
    Jan 10 0
  • Salesforce lozere
    I would leave. The mental health effects of those episodes will have more far reaching effects on your life than some $\epsilon$ up in career growth.
    Jan 10 0
  • Sephora Bajw
    This is what I’m struggling with, I’ve been with the company a short time so it looks bad to leave this soon but to deal with it day by day is mentally draining and it’s affecting my life outside of work.
    Jan 10 0