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SAP cty543
Feb 7 9 Comments

This really resonates!!
Reminds me of a time when my spouse did not get a role. Instead it was given to a tall, loud white guy who was clearly not as qualified as her(trust me on this one). But he could go for drinks and talk sports with the manager.
My wife on the other hand is brown petite lady with high pitched voice. But she is damn good at her job. She got into the same role in another team few months down the line.


Any other stories out there?


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  • Google danbb
    That was an interesting interview. Being from the tech world I can’t really relate to the hiring practices in the business world. Is that a thing that really happens? Do people hire someone because they are hoping he would make a “good friend” one day ? As far as I know, people try to not get too close to their coworkers.
    Feb 7 7
    • SAP cty543
      You have to understand that the bias is unconscious. There is a human tendency to expect people in a certain job to look and behave in a certain way which has no inkling to actual performance on the job. The other point being you want to hire people who share similar values and interests. Old white men club is a real thing.
      Feb 7
    • Google danbb
      Oh I totally believe that decisions are made based on lots of biases we have no idea about.

      I was more curious about the conscious element of it and how often modern day coworkers in the business world actually go to strip clubs together or do all those stereotypical mucho activities with each other. I suspect that’s very uncommon these days, most people try to only show their best/professional self at work.
      Feb 7
    • Expedia sup!
      Not all tech is google with its omnipresent HR 😂. I have stories of a 5 year stint in a place that sounds like a parallel grotesque universe.
      Feb 7
    • Microsoft


      When going through hiring, haven’t you ever heard someone say “but who would you want to have a beer with?” Or “Who would you rather be stuck in an elevator with?”.

      That’s code for “who would you rather be friends with” and for men who arent friends with women.... it leaves no room for women in tech.
      Feb 8
    • Google danbb
      Oh I wasn’t aware! Were you asked if you would wanna have a beer during an interview? What position was that for ?
      Feb 8
  • Netflix enjoylyfe
    At a former company, I knew some managers shied away from hiring women, simply because they wouldn't care about company/career as much as a guy would. I disagree with that view but such a$$holes exist in tech too.
    Feb 7 0


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