Would you buy a house in Foster City or Redwood Shores?

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Feb 10 5 Comments

We are considering buying a SFH in Foster City or Redwood Shores. We liked the neighborhood and public schools looks good. However the horror stories about liquefaction and area being sinking is scaring us from both flood and earthquake perspective.

If you own a house in those areas, what was your thought process during purchase? Also any particular difference between Foster City and Redwood Shores?

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    Foster City traffic typically sucks. RS is okay though.
    Feb 100
  • Facebook / Engingg
    Check out San Carlos. Great school without any is the problems you mentioned. Right in between the two cities.
    Feb 100
  • Veritas / Other13Jija
    I am living in Peninsula from last 4 years. Redwood shores and Foster City are amazing areas. They are family oriented and have great schools. Crime rate is nil. However, I will not buy property in these 2 areas

    1) Reason mentioned by you
    2) Everything is expensive. Foster City has seen some decrease in prices but houses are still very overpriced.
    Feb 100
  • Uber aclf51
    I prefer buying house in Redwood shores. Quite nice area with trails nearby , no traffic , 101 exists are always free. I wouldn’t worry about flood or earthquake. Had stayed in RS for about 3 years
    Feb 100
  • Uber choocgo
    What’s your budget?
    Feb 100

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