Would you leave your cushy job for a startup?

Apple 1234567133
Jun 16 12 Comments

Current TC: 390. Cliff coming in 1 year
Dealing with politics, high expectations. Looking for something diffrent.

Late stage startup offer: TC 430
225 base, 820k stocks, 50k signon

Get to learn many variations of new tech in startup and pivot. WLB seems present.
Only concern is only if they IPO, then the money is worth it.

Mid size company offer: TC 350, 25k signon
Very good company and laid back culture.

My main goal is to continue to learn different tech and spend more time with my kids. I’m leaning on joining the startup but afraid I’m putting on too much risk.

Current networth: 1.3 mil.
Buying a 1+ mil house soon



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  • Symantec drthvader
    Who is the investor for early startup ?
    Jun 16 3
    • Apple 1234567133
      Union Square, andressen Horowitz, y combinator, funders club

      How important is this? Any light you could share on evaluating the investors?
      Jun 16
    • Symantec drthvader
      If it is an early startup the investors are more important than founders. Andreeson Horowitz return rate is huge and their success IPO rate is high. I don’t bet on ycombinator and their success rate is 60%. .
      Jun 16
    • Twitch / Design Sardines
      Bruh. If you can work at an a16z company, that's pretty mesmerizing of an experience.

      Only thing I would be worried about is potential upcoming recession. If company is well funded and potentially cf positive, I'll say go for it
      Jun 16
  • Amazon 10022004
    Startup and time with kids seems incongruent.
    Jun 16 0
  • You already said your focus is to spend more time with your kids. Join the mid-size company. You’ll get a nice balance of high TC and WLB. Plus you’ll be respected, coming from Apple.

    When your kids get a little older you can always jump to a FANG. You already have Apple on your resume.
    Jun 16 1
  • Google QmTN21
    What you said about aapl doesn't sound so bad. I thought you have good refreshers.
    Jun 16 1
    • Apple 1234567133
      Constant need to establish relationships in order to find/fight for projects and credit. Toxic culture. 😭

      I hope to do more tech than that
      Jun 16
  • You want to spend time with your kids while earning a decent living? Mid size company. It sounds like if you stay where you are currently that things are going to get stressful and that means more work and more time thinking about work while you aren't there. If you go to startup you'll probably be expected to put in more hours and be quite involved.

    I think the mid size company offers you what you want at this point in your life.
    Jun 17 0
  • Amazon / Eng

    Amazon Eng

    Hiring in nyc for exciting high visibility project. PM me for deets, esp FAANG people.
    Jun 16 1