Would you move into a house previously owned by a smoker?

Microsoft Memegenplz
Dec 4, 2018 17 Comments

Say the previous owner smoked inside and there was heavy smoke smell throughout. Not sure how easy it would be to get it out if the walls/carpet etc.


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TOP 17 Comments
  • Microsoft / Sales-Zod-
    Or start smoking
    Dec 4, 20180
  • ADP / EngCilK47
    It’ll be there forever, so no.
    Dec 4, 20180
  • VMware / Mktg


    We did. Change the floors. Strip the paint down and paint over it.
    Dec 4, 20180
  • Amazon / Engn0v
    If it costs less than the value of the land. Of course, "moving in" means tearing it down and rebuilding a new home
    Dec 4, 20180
  • Merrill Corp. arifwsu
    Start smoking? Lol
    Dec 4, 20180
  • Microsoft YwWb48
    Don't, I lived in one before... Not worth it. Was pretty disgusting.
    Dec 4, 20180
  • Apple / OtherHey!!!!
    Buying or Renting, if renting you can always get other options, if buying and the price is good, go for it and do what others have suggested
    Dec 4, 20180
  • Facebook / Engnorhav
    Ozone generators also help
    Dec 4, 20183
    • New aLuu55
      Just be careful with it. Ozone is an incredibly toxic gas. You don’t want to be in there with a whole bunch of ozone.
      Dec 4, 2018
    • Microsoft YwWb48
      Also it eats rubber so be careful with seals on ovens etc
      Dec 4, 2018
    • Intuit / EngGutgut
      There are numerous articles on how ozone is not healthy and effective. Don’t follow blindly
      Dec 4, 2018
  • Facebook EyesBlind
    No. Dont do it. Third hand smoking is a major health risk which is magnified for kids and pets. However many treatments you do, you will never be able to remove it 100%. No house is above health.
    Dec 9, 20180
  • Microsoft DOyu71
    My mom smoked in her house for 20 years. She would send us cookies and they would just reek with smoke, we'd have to throw them all away. After she left we had to rip out the carpet and redo all the drywall because the odor wouldn't come out with cleaning.
    Dec 4, 20180
  • No way
    Dec 4, 20180
  • A Thinking Ape / Cust. Srv.HhtO85
    Definitely not. Nothing gets the smoke out.
    Dec 4, 20180
  • Lyft tszB60
    Dec 4, 20180
  • Lighthouse chikndinr
    Steam the carpets. Burn candles, done that and it takes out the odor.
    Basically, oxidizing the odor creating substances removed the odor. Probably there would be some room de-odorants that spray oxidizing agents.
    Dec 4, 20180

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