Write a detailed technical doc to screw up the braggart manager

Chase ymjD42
Apr 10 5 Comments

We have a team manager always brag to upper manager how much he knows the code base and he is 100 % proficient about the whole tech stack and business logic.

what is disgusting is that if some associates try to ask tech question, he will not tell you the answers. Even worse, he will report to upper manager those proactively learning associates are horrible in performance and “should never be have him/her into the team! S/he is so not for our team “

Great ! I am gonna write a very detailed design/tech document for everything i know for the code base, from program language syntax to design pattern to infrastructures!

If most of team members understand the code, he has no way to brag.

Now it’s junior rodeo on.


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  • Microsoft jT47lg
    Sure, because carefully written documents often change manager personalities and behavior. I’m sure he will read the document and and have the realization that he’s been wrong all this time, and will apologize to you in front of the whole team, who will then hoist you on your shoulders and cheer and chant your name.

    Don’t get locked into battle with your manager. You’ll burn a bunch of effort to work against the person who writes your review and decides your promotions and is 90% of your quality of life at a company.

    Just go find a role with a better manager.
    Apr 10 2
    • Chase ymjD
      yes you are right. but my original thought is to write a detailed doc so that other team mates who want to learn can learn stuff . If most of members understand the code, he has no way to brag. Maybe I am too naive?
      Apr 10
    • New / Eng 666 666
      Yes, you are. You cant win against manager
      Apr 10
  • Deloitte / Strategy itgQ53
    It is a great altruistic thing to do. Don’t expect this to impact anything for the manager. If s/he is as ‘good’ at doing what you say s/he is doing, s/he may even couch the doc as something s/he envisioned and guided you to create and get the credit for it and then say that you needed a lot of guidance and reviews to get it right. If you’re ok with that, do it.
    Apr 10 0
  • Intel Who.Dis
    Great, this will be a good way for the manager to turn around and put his name at the top of the document. Good job underling!
    Apr 11 0