Yelp and Paypal referrals

New optsybv
Aug 24 12 Comments

Hey, People Iā€™ m looking for a referral for Yelp and Paypal.
Canadian top 3 schools. 3 previous Software engineering internships. I will provide my cv and anything else on demand


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TOP 12 Comments
  • Uber / Eng Hotwheelz
    Why Yelp?
    It's going downhill as a product.
    Aug 24 1
    • New pGQy56
      Is it? I still like it
      Aug 24
  • HP / Eng bangbro
    Is this for full time or internship? If internship, GTFO.
    Aug 24 3
    • New optsybv
      Internship and thanks
      Aug 24
    • HP / Eng bangbro
      No internships over here buddy, try
      Aug 24
    • New optsybv
      I got a couple of internship referrals from here
      Aug 24
  • This comment was deleted by original commenter.

  • PayPal cptds
    Dm me
    Aug 28 1
    • New tuteg
      Hello I just sent you a message please check it out
      Aug 28
  • PayPal pypl49wez
    Sep 3 0
  • Amazon tenseflows
    Can I get them for new grad roles please? 3 previous SWE internships
    Around 300 LC done and I'm ready to interview
    Aug 24 0