Yo Seattle Folks!! Whats up with Uber/Lyft drivers driving Toyota Prius near SeaTAC?

Feb 19 19 Comments

Title. Have a layover of one day while flying from Alaska to NYC and I see 9 out of 10 drivers driving Prius lol.

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    • OP
      Dude don’t try to be offensive here. I am in this country longer than you are. Just that this is my first time at SeaTac. My simple question was why are other drivers driving non hybrid/electric cars? If you cannot answer that than stay the f*ck away from this post !!
      Feb 19
    • Intel trd_pro
      Uh no your question in the title in fact says "what's up with prius drivers at seatac".. you have a few drinks on the plane bro? Not trying to be offensive. And I'd bet your tiny bonus you've not been in this country longer than me.
      Feb 19
    • OP
      Duh? If you read the comments you will realize that question was why some drivers driving non-hybrid cars? If there is a law it should be universal no? I hate such arrogant pricks who only wants to belittle someone for the sake of it. I bet that working at Intel makes you think everyone is an immigrant? NO I AM NOT AN IMMIGRANT. Born and raised here. So when are you planning to send a check of the bonus you promised?
      Here is my address:
      XX STFU street, New york, NY !!
      Feb 19
    • Microsoft 2B|!2B=?
      Both of you: please don't hurt each other personally even if you are anonymous.
      Feb 19
    • OP
      @microsoft peace bro :)
      Feb 19
  • Hortonworks / Other

    Hortonworks Other

    I think the Prius is the best value car to buy if you are driving uber
    Feb 19 4
  • Amazon / Other XIit65
    There's a law or rule that airport car services need to have an electric or hybrid vehicle in Seattle I think
    Feb 19 2
    • OP
      That’s weird because I saw a couple non-hybrid cars as well !! 🤔
      Feb 19
    • Amazon / Other XIit65
      See the link I posted later in the thread. Seems like it's more of an MPG rule and it only applies to Uber pool and UberX style rides, but not premium
      Feb 20
  • Uber MKbB26
    UberX pickups at SeaTac must be Hybrid or Electric EXCEPT for a rematch where a driver drops someone at the airport and immediately can pick someone up at the airport. If there is no one to pick up them they have to leave the area. UberXL and UberBlack can pick up curbside in any vehicle.
    Mar 9 0
  • Microsoft noplz
    It's a good deal for people who need to save on fuel while still driving something that someone paying 40 bucks to get from the airport to home would be willing to get into
    Feb 20 0
  • Dropbox / Eng 100k🔗🐼
    Wondered this as well when I first moved to Seattle.
    Feb 20 0
  • Google chenku
    I was wondering the same thing last week
    Feb 20 0


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