Youtube or Google headquarter

Amazon OPjI42
Jul 5 5 Comments

I got opportunities with them. I like the location of Youtube but worry about limited choices within Youtube org. How's the job content and culture in YouTube? Does Youtube have higher/lower hiring bar than Google headquarter?


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  • Google mr google
    YouTube is like Google but superior in every way.

    at yt rn btw
    Jul 5 0
  • heard the youtubers bring their own firework shows to the hqs
    Jul 5 0
  • Uber uZ9mM
    Pros: swimming pool

    Cons: you might get shot
    Jul 5 2
    • Google mr google
      to be fair the shooting was 1 mile away this time.
      Jul 6
    • Amazon / Eng

      Amazon Eng

      This time 😳
      Jul 6