Zappos in Vancouver or AWS in Vancouver

Intuit MnYD33
Oct 18 8 Comments

Getting a choice to join Zappos as SDEII or AWS as front-end engineer in Vancouver, Canada. Package is the same. From a culture and growth perspective which one is better?


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  • Roku cruella
    Leave Vancouver
    Oct 18 1
    • Intuit MnYD33
      Sorry! But I just ❤️ Vancouver!
      Oct 19
  • Oracle Ravdivueks
    What’s the offer?
    Oct 18 1
    • Roku cruella
      Don’t u encourage them!
      Oct 18
  • Disney GENg84
    I mean it’s the same company. What do you expect?
    Oct 18 2
    • Amazon anion
      Not true! Like LI != MSFT.
      Zappos is wildly experimental company. They got rid of all managers and job titles few years ago for many teams and wanted to do that for the whole company.

      “ The new management system, known as Holacracy, rejects traditional workplace hierarchy, job titles, and other staples of the traditional workplace”

      I’m surprised that OP’s position has a title and it’s SDE2.
      Oct 18
    • Amazon


      Oh god, get rid of Managers from Amazon too.
      Oct 19
  • Intuit MnYD33
    They are basically migrating to Amazon culture and policies it seems. And maybe the HR databases are already shared because they seem to be aware of each other’s processes.
    Oct 19 0


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