Zillow Irvine office

Apple nakedrhino
Jun 14 8 Comments

Interested in an ML/software position but kind of worry about the sexual harassment lawsuit 3 years ago. Is it anything better now? Was it only for the sales part?

Any current update will be very much appreciated!


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  • GoDaddy / IT

    GoDaddy IT

    Are you concerned over one case? There are dozens in FAANG companies, and people still work for them. I have been to SF Zillow office. Nice and diverse place
    Jun 14 1
    • Apple nakedrhino
      just wanted to know if there is anything to watch out. donno what it implies ib terms of culture from outside
      Jun 14
  • Zillow Group Croissants
    Don't know how much ml is going on in Irvine. I vaguely remember what you are referring too. I don't think it's a recurring thing though.
    Jun 14 1
  • Zillow Group @seahawks
    There are a few more lawsuits. Also, after the one you are referring to Z buys all exiting employees’ silence so fewer have popped up even though the frat culture is still here.
    Aug 9 1
    • Apple nakedrhino
      WOW! Thank you for the insights! Really appreciated!
      Aug 9
  • Zillow Group TdPs60
    I work in Irvine and from what I have heard it's all sales. It's like a frat house there. But engineers are on different floors
    Jun 18 1
    • Apple nakedrhino
      Thanks a lot for the insider's view! May I send you PM for questions about eng roles?
      Jun 18


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