a lot of articles about Amazon recently

Amazon newQ
Nov 6 8 Comments

Recently seeing a lot of articles about Amazon, how gamers are leaving Twitch for other platforms, consumers preferring Walmart or Target over Amazon, AWS loosing to Microsoft JEDi. what are your thoughts about that?


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  • Samsung tipsycode
    Do you order from amazon prime? I do. They're not going anywhere
    Nov 6 2
    • Amazon newQ
      Right, not going anywhere, but at the same time if more and more people order from Walmart and Target instead of Amazon, their market share will shrink and it may loose #1 spot.
      Nov 6
    • LinkedIn yFSV61
      Amazon operates off an unprecedented scale. Few thousand people discontent with Amazon does not have any effect on them. Fact remains that Amazon is the grand daddy of Walmart and Target in online shopping. Every 2 months or so I just try to do a random browsing on Walmart and targets website. They are both equally shit consistently with barely any improvement. Poor search to non existent reviews and a sub par checkout experience, but with Amazon it is consistently fluid. Its remarkable actually. There is no way in hell these 2 have any sort of dent in Amazons dominance.
      Nov 7
  • Amazon / Product Amznnn
    I went into a Wal Mart a few years ago. Walked right back out the door. Yikes.
    Nov 7 0
  • Google topCon
    You mean like this?

    Walmart and Target are in the best position to compete with Amazon than anytime in their history. But still can't beat Amazon on breath of selection. My first choice is target because of instant 5% discount with redcard.
    Nov 7 2
    • Amazon newQ
      Exactly this article I read. See even Google goes to Target, not Amazon.
      Nov 7
    • Google topCon
      But I still shop a lot at Amazon due to wider selection.

      But for practical items you can find anywhere, it's cheaper at Target for me and I don't need 2 day shipping. Target has free shipping as well at $35.
      Nov 7
  • The news doesn't like tech companies in general.

    And Jedi, seems personal, but I don't see too much changing in general for now. gle.com/amp/s/kkkk://www.cnbc.com/amp/2019/10/26/trump-mattis-screw-amazon-10-billion-pentagon-cloud-contract-jedi.html
    Nov 7 0


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