amazon L6 compensation?

Salesforce blind02
Nov 8 8 Comments

what’s the top of the band TC and breakdown for L6 manager in AWS for Seattle location?


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  • Amazon catowayne
    About 420k TC. 160k base / 550k stock / 238k first year bonus, 155k 2nd year bonus. All approximate numbers
    Nov 9 2
    • Google slickdealr
      That sounds too high for L6
      Nov 9
    • Amazon catowayne
      Seattle L6 SDE band is 250-380k tc. SDM get around 10% more. OP said top of band
      Nov 9
  • Amazon TDKU11
    Depends on role
    Nov 9 0
  • Amazon 🍌nutmufnz
    L6 manager of what?
    Nov 9 2
    • Salesforce blind02
      AWS Operations
      Nov 10
    • Amazon 🍌nutmufnz
      As in InfraOps? You have to be specific we have hundreds of job codes.
      Nov 10
  • Samsung tipsycode
    I'd stay at SF, but seattle is not that bad with high tc
    Nov 8 0


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