amazon on-site behavioral questions

Apr 15 5 Comments

So I am getting an Amazon on-site very soon and my friend who once had an on-site with Amazon said that Amazon evaluated their principles a lot and I better be well-prepared for the behavioral questions based on Amazon principles (and he failed on-site because of the behavioral questions not the technical questions)
I want to ask you guys who experienced Amazon on-site, should I memorize all the principles? And I got tons of behavioral questions in my phone screen, are there any chances that on-site interviewers will ask the same behavioral questions again?


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  • Amazon bezos,Jeff
    Yes guaranteed they’ll ask you behavioral. If you have a couple stories ready to share that should be enough
    Apr 15 0
  • Bayer CauY12
    +1 Metrics
    Make sure you include metrics in you behavior answers. You’ll never get asked directly for examples of LP but every behavior answer needs to demonstrate at least 1 LP
    Apr 16 0
  • Microsoft lgdthc
    And know STAR. It’s in one of the links the recruiter sent.
    Apr 15 0
  • OpenText / Eng FBstockLOL
    There’s too many principles to remember. Might be better to memorize 3-4 stories and fit those to whatever principle would be asked about.
    Apr 15 0
  • New / IT coeW35
    yup. And make sure you have real life work experiences that match the principle.
    Apr 15 0


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