amazon sde coding assessment waived

Doximity kknRdv543
Sep 10 4 Comments

I applied to SDE at Amazon and am scheduled to do technical phone interview. They sent me an email instruction for coding assessment but waived it. What could be a reason for waiving coding assessment? Do more experienced candidates get coding assessment waived usually?

i have 5yrs swe exp + 2 yr data analyst


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  • Roku cruella
    Amazon recruitment can be disorganized.

    Few years ago I had a pH screen scheduled. But even before interview I got an email from a different team (hadn't even talked to them before) "congrats we want to bring u onsite". So I forwarded that email to the recruiter that I did talk to. She said it's fine. We will just schedule onsite. They bought ticket hotels everything and had 2 days of interviews with 2 teams. lol
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  • Autolist eFks14
    Recently got into the Amazon interview loop. Got the online assessment, but was waived technical phone screen. 3yoe
    Sep 10 0
  • Cerner / Eng Zenobia
    It’s a bit disorganized I guess. For me they sent a coding assessment, I cleared and then they kept leadership principles phone screen. For my friend, once he cleared the coding assessment he was called onsite directly. I thought it could be due to my performance on coding assessment, but later from my friends at Amazon, I learnt that’s not the case.
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  • Symantec / Eng eYcG72
    They made me jump through the online and a phone screen. Be thankful you don't need to do that. 13 YOE.
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