amazon vs doordash offers comparison

Microsoft msftbored
Oct 28 16 Comments

Please help me evaluate these offers from amazon(seattle) and doordash (SF).

My current TC at MSFT Seattle is around ~225 k. I am at level 63 (recently promoted) but I dont like my work and the product I am working on.

I have 5.5 years experience in total.

amazon (sde 2)
160 K base
100 k joining bonus (50 + 50)
~250 k stocks

doordash (e4)
170 k base
10 k joining bonus
~250 k equity


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  • Microsoft ipv
    Did you consider extra benefits in compensation that you receive in Microsoft? ESPP, 401K, medical etc . This seems to me down grade so keep looking or switch team internally.
    Oct 28 0
  • Amazon rtone
    Doordash is grossly overvalued. Their $250k equity can drop down to $50k.
    Go Amazon.
    Oct 28 1
    • Amazon / Eng Senõr SDE
      One of SoftBank's baby?
      Oct 28
  • Microsoft


    Keep interviewing unless you are desperate to leave. Both seem down grade.
    Oct 28 0
  • Mark43 Dath23
    What has the negotiation process been like for Amazon and DoorDash?
    Nov 6 3
    • Microsoft msftbored
      Amazon offer was around 20% lower. Doordash was around 30%. I went back and forth multiple times with recruiters and negotiated based on my skill set and value I am bring to the team.
      Nov 7
    • Mark43 Dath23
      Ah, a bit surprised that both came in so low.
      Nov 7
    • Microsoft msftbored
      There is update on the both offers, I will edit the post later
      Nov 7
  • Amazon 🍌nutmufnz
    If you decide to take Amazon - Tell them you're making more at MS due to a recent promotion and you are interested in Amazon but can't take a pay cut. Say you're looking for 240k TC min.

    I mean currently your breakdown puts you at 222.5k TC (160 base + 50 bonus + 12.5 stock).

    Max is right under 242 so 240 is doable. It's a small raise with the downlevel so just depends if you care more about title or TC. You could use the TC increase to go back to MS (another team) and make even more in a year or so.
    Oct 28 2
    • Microsoft msftbored
      Thank you for the detailed reply!
      Oct 28
    • Amazon 🍌nutmufnz
      Your target comps over 4 years not calculating any growth.
      Yr 1 - 222.5
      Yr 2 - 247.5
      Yr 3 - 260
      Yr 4 - 260

      I'd probably see if you can get a higher bonus year 1 to balance growth so maybe 70k yr 1 and 50k yr 2. The other comment about ~300k with growth is accurate but its only a projected growth and how much trust you want to put in the market.
      Oct 28
  • DoorDash 10118337
    Happy to talk to you about DoorDash company culture, working here etc. Feel free to PM me!
    Nov 6 0
  • Indeed Synti
    Both are downlevels from your MS role. Never accept a downlevel.
    Oct 28 0
  • Amazon god
    $225K is good considering you will have a good WLB and Microsoft is doing so well. What’s your TC breakdown like?
    Oct 29 1
    • Microsoft msftbored
      In last one year I made 195 k as salary + bonus and 30 k as stocks. My salary got bumped up from 138k to 166k when I moved from 62 to 63, 6 months ago. When I joined MSFT I got no stocks, I got good refresher of 50k in one of the SSAs last year.
      Oct 29
  • Amazon / Eng

    Amazon Eng

    Amazon is flat u won’t get SDE3 with 5 years of experience unless you are really exceptional. 250k in stock means you are getting $260k a year in your third/fourth year even without any raise or stock appreciation. You are looking at $300k in third and fourth year as SDE2. This is a competitive offer especially in Seattle.
    Oct 28 0


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