another amazon assessment post

AT&T asd456
Oct 14 2 Comments

disclaimer : im pretty sure amazon just changed their assessment process again like 2-3 months ago becuase everyone i talk to had a different experience.
I believe i got every question right on assessment 1
i beleieve i did pretty bad on assessment 2 i got a terribly ineffience solution (linear search instead of binary) for the first easy problem and spent a ton of time getting a solution that didnt really work but passed some test cases for question 2 (had run time errors the rest of the time)
i got assesment 3 (day in the life of SDE)

if i did so bad on assessment 2 why would i get assessment 3? did i pass assessment 2? should i get my hopes up and think if i do well on 3 i get the interview? what the heck is assessment 3 “a work simulation” should i be studying case studies? coding? or is it like personality test?

bonus Q: i always assumed that if you get amazon you can pretty much go anywhere pretty easily after (except FANG which would still be easier to get to from Amazon than other companies) right?


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  • Salesforce curious01
    No, Amazon has the lowest engineering bar than other FANG
    Oct 14 1
    • AT&T asd456
      Sorry I phrased that poorly.
      I meant that it’s easier to go to FANG from Amazon, than it it’s to go to FANG from AT&T
      Oct 14


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