anyone know anything about the account strategist/account manager role at google? whats the career progression like?

Samsara oahay297
Nov 18 8 Comments

currently in sales at a startup and im thinking about switching over to account management. i have a few friends at google who say its a great place for your career. any advice?


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  • Google RayBans
    I work in the role, you are basically both a google consultant and sales person to your client trying to get them to spend more in the platform. Its probably the easiest way into Google, but it is also one of the lower paying positions and it seems like they under level quite a bit.
    Dec 1 3
    • Samsara phbal719
      Mind if I DM you some questions about it? I’m thinking about it as a switch into customer success and eventually product.
      Dec 1
    • Microsoft LeoPisces
      What’s the career progression typically? Is it hard to venture into other areas (eg, PgM, PM, TPM)
    • Facebook / Media what3ver
      I'd also like to know. Can you pivot to marketing after?
  • Facebook / Media what3ver
    What's the next step after this role?
    Dec 1 2
    • Twitch zxcvbnm890
      Depends what you’re interested in doing. People I’ve known have pivoted to specialized roles, others have stayed in a general trajectory
    • Facebook / Media what3ver
      Sales or account management? Or marketing? Or strategy? Thank you. This is super helpful
  • Microsoft LeoPisces
    I would like to know this as well :(
    Nov 29 0


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