azure over aws

Oct 26 8 Comments


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  • Facebook leetworld
    Trump hates bezos. A, ute is behind aws in everything cloud
    Oct 26 0
  • Amazon / Eng SEAFreeze
    This is old news and Amazon already has cloud contracts with the government
    Oct 26 3
    • Transfix jQrh06
      But much smaller than this one?
      Oct 26
    • Amazon / Eng

      Amazon Eng

      Smaller individual, but overall much larger
      Oct 26
    • Amazon / Eng SEAFreeze
      Yeah, Amazon still serves more gov cloud than Microsoft will
      Oct 26
  • Microsoft itvA00
    His name is Satya (means truth). And truth wins at the end. He is unlike Bezos who looks for loopholes to avoid taxes. Btw, Bezos did everything possible to win the deal-
    Oct 26 0
  • Amazon ahole
    Not surprised...
    I once attempted a startup with people who use IE and yahoo mail...
    I couldn’t convince them to use AWS ... they found Azure more friendly..
    Oct 26 0
  • Microsoft CeAE87
    Slowpoke meme
    Oct 26 0


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