backend/data engineer bootcamp

Nov 15 5 Comments

are there any backend/data engineer bootcamps?

which one would have the most transferable skills to a ML engineer?

if there arent any good bootcamps what can personal projects can i do to get started in either of these areas?


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  • Google / Eng EtMW70
    That's a great startup idea... Would you pay $2000 for a 10 hr in person course. We'll cover writing a scalable backend service and deploy it on one of AWS/GCP/Azure. For $3000, we'll do all three. What say ?
    Nov 15 2
    • KPMG XJAK12
      Sure, what would a data engineer bootcamp look like ?
      Nov 15
    • Google / Eng EtMW70
      Depends on where you are starting from. If you have a math/stats background then we can focus on the tooling. If not, I'd actually recommend taking the Coursera machine learning course and actually doing the homework assignments.
      Nov 15
  • Travelport / Eng buttnpushr
    Nov 16 0
  • Salesforce kOSb66
    Nov 15 0


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