can i travel in H1b transfer

Tata Consultancy Services / Data sreddy7890
Sep 11 8 Comments

hi all,

(Serious comments only pls)

i have 20days vacation left and was planning to go to my home country to meet my family as well as get my h1b stamping done. its been 4years I went home. but i got a job offer for which h1b transfer will take place and due to process i cant go home in between. does anyone know how do I tackle this. in new job i wont have any leaves before 6months. can i ask to delay h1b transfer process so that i can go and meet family? or can i extend joining date after h1b is approved? pls guide.


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  • VMware / Eng Codeyard
    Have you already resigned from current Job before transfer? If not, you can go to India and come back on the same I-797 with Stamping. After coming back and approval, you can join the new company. 4 years is a stretch; I was in the similar boat but you can also talk to new employer and they might give you a vacation/take advantage of Christmas Leaves and you can go
    Sep 11 4
    • Tata Consultancy Services / Data sreddy7890
      No i have not resigned. Wouldn’t the new company ask me to start process for h1b transfer as soon as possible. I will be accepting offer by tomorrow.
      Sep 11
    • Apple 🥭mango
      Its ok to travel while the transfer is in process.

      Personally know people who have done it
      Sep 11
    • VMware / Eng Codeyard
      H1-B approval doesn’t mean that you will join from the next day of Approval. You can have many H1-Bs approved and not join/ in your case, go on vacation on your current H1-B. The catch is: if you are in India, and your new H1-B gets approved, you might have to stamp showing new I-797 - Check/Verify this case. But in either case, talk to your new Employer
      Sep 11
    • Apple 🥭mango
      I don’t agree with the last part.

      Even if the H1 transfer get approved while u are in India, you can come back on the old one
      Sep 11
  • Microsoft / Eng coolbloke
    Update username to your full name and then you'll get an answer
    Sep 11 1
  • Capital One cAki40
    I've seen a lot of people end up giving up their stuff at home, you know what I'm talking about.
    Sep 11 0


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