career coach experience?

Magic Leap ☄️💥🔥
Sep 21 4 Comments

I’ve never had a career coach or know anyone that has one, but I’ve seen the word “career coach” occurs quite often on Blind.

Anyone who had career coaches can probably shed some light on this topic?


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TOP 4 Comments
  • Roku cruella
    I literally didn't see that on blind until your post!
    Sep 21 0
  • Kabbage / Eng zzfd12
    I had ok experience. Helped me to understand what I wanted
    Sep 26 0
  • New xBeL85
    Some are great, some are terrible. Depends on your goals/where you are in your career.
    Sep 21 0
  • Oracle / Data bendy
    Until unless you are at the very high level I suspect all the coaching they will do is stuff you already know.
    Sep 21 0