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hi all,

I work for a good client. the pay is low and now I got a new project in which the work is not what I want. i am in data science and my manager has put me into reporting. I got an offer from Amazon but the role is non tech. pay is higher than what I am getting but being in Seattle it is low (90k base). also at my current place I stay within 2miles and drive and in Seattle I will have to stay in Bellevue due to cost and commute 1hr each way to office via public transport which is not that great. i have lot of health issues because of which I fear commute. At one point I want to join Amazon (it will open future opportunities) but fear my health and the commute. other point is here no commute but not even good work. what should I do? amazon pay is way too low for me to afford and stay in Seattle near to office. any honest advice?


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  • 1 he commute is not worth it IMO. Getting a small studio in Seattle could be better than getting a one bedroom in Bellevue. Also, look into neighborhood like Fremont which are slightly cheaper than Seattle, University District that has much better commute to SLU.
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  • Salesforce / Eng devoopss
    My sincere advice is to join Amazon. Our company has a lot importance than our skills many times, it’s unfortunate but true. No body cares if you work for Indian consultancy companies or outsource companies. I assume that’s why Amazon low balled you with less pay. They might have thought that you will join them anyway. It will be completely different when you go out from Amazon. You will definitely get good opportunities from good companies. May be work for an year, forget about the pay or your savings. Switch after an year, I am sure it will open new opportunities for you.
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  • Amazon bdie
    Joining Amazon will open up many more opportunities for you. Stay close to work, prepare hard and move out in an year. You’ll get a good tag on resume.
    Other option is to stay put and keep exploring.
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  • Kaiser Permanente / Eng Elho50
    Trust me
    The commute is not worth it
    I tried to do 1-1.5 hour commute each way and hated my life. Bit the bullet and moved closer to work
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