comp/end of year review

Taboola eidYwnq
Aug 31 2 Comments

i joined the company a year ago and am killing it (i know i will have good recs/support from my boss). however the co is looking for budget cuts. i want to ask for more comp next year - has anyone else been in the same boat? would this become a negative impression on me? or does the company expect these types of convos regardless if theyve been saying they want budget cuts? how did you ask and were you successful? how much did you ask for and how much did you get? if there was any addition, was it to your base or via bonus?

tc 100k


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  • VMware doof_s
    You should definitely ask for more . This way you will be on their radar that this guy delivers and since we're not able to give him what he wants he may look around so need a way to retain... If that is not how it works out then decision is easy. Look somewhere where you can get the comp you deserve.
    Aug 31 1
    • Taboola eidYwnq
      👍🙏 thanks!
      Aug 31