do fb offers stay open?

LinkedIn HxQh73
Sep 19 8 Comments

i vaguely remember hearing that if you pass hc at fb and turn them down, you can go back to the recruiter and not interview (just team match) as long as its within six months. can anyone confirm if thats true?


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  • Google / Eng WrCP42
    So do their windows :( #RIP
    Sep 19 6
    • Facebook MarkZucker
      Someone jumped off 4th floor at Facebook :'(
      Sep 19
    • Facebook MarkZucker
      Sep 19
    • Google chengez
      He committed suicide it seems, perhaps he had a hard time choosing between PIP and RIP, he chose RIP 😢
      Sep 19
    • Apple iPhoneXSS
      What group of FB the employee belongs to ? RIP.
      Sep 19
    • Facebook easzss
      @chengez, how can you be so insensitive? Are you really this toxic in real life?
      Sep 19
  • ARM 100gfx
    Shit, should have asked “what would Zuck do”
    Sep 19 0