dude in team takes credit for others' work

Bloomberg std::
Feb 25 18 Comments

so we have a sprint retro where each of us has to say "1 good thing that you did last sprint" (yes our retros are that moronic).

then a dude said "I'm very pleased that *we* got feature X done for our product".

feature X is done by another team member and me. The entire team including management was there. Everyone knows the truth but management don't. How should I handle this guy?


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  • Google


    Describe feature X in detail, and for each of several parts, explicitly mention the primary contributor - either you, or the other team member who actually did the work. Then thank everyone else for their supplementary cooperation. Later, you can send out a design doc with the appropriate names credited.

    This way, you can assign credit while staying positive.
    Feb 25 0
  • SAP R3dus
    Promote him
    Feb 25 0
  • Microsoft nbanfl
    Say “thanks for recognizing my and other team’s effort. I didn’t expect outsiders would know about this but we must have done it right”. But you didnt say this in that meeting. Perhaps, talk to your manager and skip.
    Feb 25 2
  • Google / Eng yogi bear
    should have called him out in that meeting
    Feb 25 3
    • Microsoft bYJjOps
      This. Did you speak up? If no then this is on you.
      Feb 25
    • Bloomberg std::
      I didn't. I am on OPT so I generally avoid office confrontation which may lead to bad consequences as our team is very political...
      Feb 25
    • Microsoft bYJjOps
      That’s tough. Good call on avoiding.
      Try to move to a different team/company because this one is too toxic.
      Feb 25
  • Amazon myamz
    I really do not see what is wrong? You are supposed to work as a team after all and using the word "we" seems ok. When it came to calling out deltas, did he also use "we" or you/i/he/she? If he continues to use we then should be fine.
    Feb 25 1
    • New Wkah1&
      Of course nothing wrong for Amazon
      Feb 25
  • OpenTable Meliodas
    You sound insecure. It is a team retro.

    Everyone knows who did the work.

    Take the compliment for what it is.
    Feb 25 0
  • Nvidia SMIH14
    These kind of dudes are everywhere, every company every team
    Feb 25 0
  • Pegasystems PegaPower
    I would never say “we” at all even if I was just the idea man and someone else executed. Definitely a jerk move to slip in “we”.
    Feb 25 0
  • Spotify / Eng qbeforeu
    You might be reading too much into it
    Feb 25 0
  • Intel UGeJ58
    I once had my technical lead recount and take credit in a conversation with only me for an initiative that I came up with, executed, and presented to the team.

    Glad I GTFO'd
    Feb 26 0
  • New


    Find a private moment to let management know the truth. Your job depends on it. If they can steal credit for your good work they can just as easily assign false blame too you for their bad work. These kinds of people need to find another team.
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  • Zillow Group unknown 1
    Amazon ?
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