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Oct 1 3 Comments

I keep seeing news that eBay is going to sell StubHub and classifieds. Do you think any companies would realistically aquire eBay after that?

If so, who makes sense?

What would happen to eBay stock if it sold stubhub? what if ebay was aquired?

What are your thoughts on a potential sale?


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  • New dDMi46
    Shareholder will be paid special dividend from StubHub proceeds in the next quarter, a lot of money will be plowed into marketplace . Classified will be sold off next year sometime.

    Ebay generates 2-3PB data every hour, so its truely planet scale, and with customer base of 185+Million user, its critical for any company that wants to take on Amazon. Despite Amazon onslaught, Ebay has held its own and kept growing though at much slower pace.

    With CEO gone, Ebay I think can really crank the growth engine by hiring a competent CEO (some very senior executive from AMZN, or other place - Ebay has been poaching executives from Amazon, and FANG for last year or so).

    Google, Walmart, Alibaba, and maybe Facebook (lesser extent) are potential suitors.
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    • eBay / Eng

      eBay Eng

      American Express, Morgan Stanley
      Oct 3
  • Grid Dynamics Mr.Secret
    According to news from 31/05:

    German online classifieds company Scout24 is interested in buying parts of eBay’s (EBAY) classifieds business, its CEO, Tobias Hartmann, told Reuters recently. Scout24 is specifically eyeing eBay’s auto and real estate classifieds operations. eBay’s mobile.de is the leading car classifieds website in Germany.
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